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New! A WordPress Plugin to Stop Comment Spammers!

We took our effective form spam blocking technique and applied it to a new WordPress plugin that will protect comments on your site.

It just enhances the WordPress comment form to include our technique, and allows you to easily specify the text that appears before and after the comment form. Plus, you can specify the number of URLs to allow in your comments. Any URLs in a message over that limit, and the excess URLs will be removed from the comment.

Our plugin doesn't use these techniques that just don't work:

Our technique is foolproof. We've used it on many different web sites. Before we implemented our new plugin, we'd get comment spam on those sites. Afterwards, almost no comment spam. None whatsoever. It just works!

Plus, we have added some additional features:

Just like our Contact form solution, our comment-spam-blocking plugin is available to everyone. Free. No charge. Gratis. No obligation. All features. No up-sell.

It's a complete and free solution you can use on your web site!

Not Convinced?

Not convinced that our plugin can stop Contact and Comment form spam bots? Try out our contact form. Hit the submit button and nothing else. That's what happens to form spammers - they get sent to this form spammer trap page (this site's home page). And you don't get their form spam or spammy comments. The contact form uses the same technique as the WordPress plugin.

And if you are a form spammer, go ahead and try to spam our contact form. You will fail! After more than two years, we are still waiting for our first contact form spam here.

How Does the Plugin Works?

We use the same simple technique as in our contact form solution. We just

And it is easy to implement. Just install the plugin, activate it, then use the options screen to set things up.

How Good Is It?

Here's a real-world example. A site I manage was getting 3000-5000 spam comments each day. Most were being caught by Akismet, but those comments were still bloating the database.

So I deleted all the spam comments. Then I quickly installed the plugin. I enabled the settings I wanted.

Then I waited a few days.

Almost no comment spam! Just a couple that snuck by. But 99% of the comment spams that we were getting before weren't there, and were not being sent to Akisment for checking. That makes the site work faster, and the comment database doesn't get bloated (which lets pages with real/valid comments load faster).

It just works!

(Sometimes I feel like a late-night pitchman with this page. But it really works!)


Here are the screenshots for the plugin (opens in a new window):

How Do I Get Your Form Spam Blocking Technique?

All you need to do is to send us an email via our contact form asking for it. We'll send you our solution - the Contact Form code, WordPress Contact template, and the WordPress Comment plugin. The whole shebang.

And that is the last you will hear from us; we'll toss your email into the trash. (You can also get the FormSpammerTrap for Comments WordPress plugin here, although we'd like to hear from you via our contact form.)

Did we mention that it is free? And no obligations or upsells? And we don't track or use your email?

Request our free form and spam blocking solution here!

If you like, you can send us a donation for our efforts. It's not required, but it will be appreciated. Use the button down there to send your donation via PayPal (PayPal account not required; just use any credit card they accept).

You Can Stop Form and Comment Spammer Bots on Your Web Site!

And if you want to share our solution with others, just send them here.

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Contact form version 2.0
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WordPress Plugin version 2.10
released 29 Dec 2016 - details here

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