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This form uses our Ultimate Form Spammer Blocking technique. It's not the prettiest contact form, but there won't be any spam coming from this form.

If you want us to send you our free solution, just fill in your information and ask for it. We'll email our solution to you. And that will be the only email you will get from us. Your email will be deleted. We won't use your info anyplace else.

Plus, there is no obligation and no charge (although we will accept your kind donation).

All the information about our foolproof Form Spam Blocking solution is here.

If you are using our technique, check back for updates, because we don't save your emails (as promised). The latest versions are shown on the home page.

And if you are a contact form spammer idiot, go ahead and use your 'bot' techniques to try to spam me using this form. You won't be able to send more than one manually-filled-in form at a time. (Only one email at a time doesn't count as success for bots.) Go ahead and try to spam-bot this form -- you will fail! We dare you! Send 20 contact messages via this form in 2 minutes. Won't work!

You Can't SpamBot This Form!

But you can contact us about our free spam-blocking solution!

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