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We know how to stop
form and comment spammers
including form-filling spam bots!

There's lots of advice on the interwebs about how to defeat form and comment spammers; those irritating automated bots that use your contact or comment forms on your blog or web site for spam.

We know that most of the ideas won't work as a long-term solution - because we've tried them all.

Here's what doesn't work:

  • Hidden form fields
  • CSS styling tricks to hide fields
  • Captchas - those squiggly words that you can never read
  • Stupid questions like 'What is 3 + 9?'
  • Check boxes
  • Honey pots
  • Renaming form files
  • And just about every other trick you'll find on the interwebs

Our Solution

We've found a foolproof solution. We've used it on many different web sites. Before we implemented our trick, we'd get form spam on those sites. Afterwards, no more form spam. None whatsoever. It just works!

It's simple! We just:

  • use a simple process to check for human activity that works in all browsers.
  • send non-humans (those pesky 'bots') to this FormSpammerTrap site.
  • Our latest version adds even more protection against spammers with Google's Invisible ReCAPTCHA

The results:

  • You don't get automated form or comment spam.
  • It works for WordPress sites - we have a free WordPress comment form plugin and a contact form template.
  • It works for customized sites with our free code.

Not convinced? Go to our contact form (opens in a new window). Hit the submit button and nothing else. That's what happens to form spammers - they get sent to this site's home page. And you don't get their form spam.

And if you are a form spammer, go ahead and try to spam our contact form. You will fail! We've had our solution on this site for form spam yet!

How do you get our solution?

If you want to use our solution on your web site, just use the contact form to send us your info. And we'll send all the files you need to put our solution on your web site. Free. No charge. Gratis. No gimmicks. Open source. Full instructions. It even works in WordPress - with our comment plugin and contact form template.

Did we mention it is free? And no obligation?

You will get only one email from us with the files you need. Then we delete your message. No mailing list grab or share of your email address. No contact from us again (unless you contact us first).

Request our free form and spam blocking solution here!

If you like, you can send us a donation for our efforts. It's not required, but it will be appreciated. Use the button over there to send your donation via PayPal (PayPal account not required; just use any credit card they accept).

And if you want to share our solution with others, just send them here to our site.

Stop form spammers!

It's easy and free. No gimmicks.

Because we don't like form spammers.

Get it here

Contact form version 2.0 released 1 July 2017 - request latest version here
WordPress Plugin version 2.10 released 29 Dec 2016 - details here

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