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Hello Form Spammer Robot!
We stopped your form and contact/comment spam!

This is where form and comment spammers or bots end up when they try to attack
one of our protected contact or comment forms.

We have an easy way to block and stop form spammers on your web site!

(It is possible that a valid visitor
could end up here by mistake,
but they would have to work at it.

We know how stop form and comment spammers.

And it is easy to implement on your web site! Only basic web site skills are needed to implement! (We can help if needed.)

It doesn't require captchas, hidden fields,
silly questions, page timings,
CSS styling tricks, or other things
that just don't work well

On WordPress sites, use our simple Contact Us template to block form spam.

Plus we have a WordPress plugin (just released) to block form spam on your comments! Info about the plugin is here.

You can have our open-source solution
for free !

Here is how we stop form and comment spammers - even form spamming bots!
Click for details

Version 1.5 released 1 Feb 2015.
Now includes a comment form plugin for WordPress.

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